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Sales & Marketing Solutions for the Education Market

Uncover new opportunities in the $500+ billion education market with MDR, D&B’s education information and marketing services business. No matter where you are in your marketing strategy development, MDR has solutions to fit your needs.


Product Highlights

  • Build strong marketing plans focused on your growth objectives in the education market.
  • Identify the best target audience and define the most effective ways to deliver your message.
  • Measure your campaign results and apply the lessons learned to your next campaign.
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Dynamic Solutions for Every Stage of Your Marketing Strategy

MDR partners with you to build a strategy focused on your goals for growth and deliver the strongest results for your marketing investments.

Whether you need a simple data lease or full-service marketing consultation and program development and deployment, we offer an exclusive suite of industry-leading marketing and database services.

Email contacts and deployment, direct mail lists, and sales contact and lead tools are the core components of a successful direct marketing strategy. MDR can help you seamlessly integrate these timeless tools with a set of cutting-edge, multi-channel digital marketing solutions so you can stay ahead of the curve and connect with educators most effectively.

With MDR’s EdNET suite of products, industry leaders can gain insight and opportunity through extensive market intelligence and analytical reports, custom research services, high-profile networking opportunities, and professional events.

Backed by decades of market insight and built upon the freshest and most robust databases in the industry, MDR’s comprehensive products and services deliver a powerful combination of quality, experience, and innovation.

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Visit: www.schooldata.com


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