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Unleash the power of data and analytics to
discover opportunities and accelerate growth.


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Use Data to
Connect & Inspire
Growth is the mantra for your sales and marketing
teams. And the key to growth is creating outstanding
experiences for your customers and prospects. In
today’s world of digital commerce, this means using
the data customers. There’s a new art  to making connections
through data and building relationships on a broad
scale. And leading marketers are making this new
art a successful reality.

Improve Your Sales & Marketing


Leveraging data and insights from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, our Sales and Marketing Solutions help optimize your data, analyze and segment key markets, target and engage prospects across channels, and access critical sales intelligence to close more business faster.
Central to the Data Cloud is Live Business Identity, a comprehensive and continually updated view of business relationships, delivering identity through the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number. It also provides valuable sales and marketing intelligence such as hierarchies and analytical insights including predictive and propensity indicators enabling the seamless integration of information across your entire organization.


Grow Your Most Valuable
Find your most valuable customers and prospects with precision, engage them with personalized content and accelerate pipeline with sales intelligence. By enabling your teams with the right data for every step of the customer journey, you can grow relationships at a speed and scale never before possible. Our solutions deliver a unified view of your customers, deep insight into their needs and seamless integration with partners to make the most of every interaction.

Analyze and Identify Customer Profiles


Create a common data foundation to develop more impactful go-to-market strategies.


When data is spread across different silos within a company, activating it to drive growth is nothing more than a pipe dream. The data-inspired finance leader connects business insights and standardizes data structure and management across silos to communicate insight and connect the organization.





Target Audiences Across Channels


Improve ROI and drive growth with consistent online and offline audience targeting.


Top-performing organizations leverage business data and analytics as a competitive advantage to accelerate the buyer’s journey. That starts with identifying and targeting the right audiences across channels, creating personalized buying experiences, and aligning sales and marketing more effectively.



 Engage and Nurture Your Prospects


Nurture the right prospects across channels to accelerate the buyer’s journey.


According to the Winterberry Group, 85% of firms struggle to consistently identify target audiences across media channels – including websites. This means missed opportunities to accelerate and personalize the buyer’s journey, which is why identifying accounts across channels is critical.




 Empower Sales to Close Business Faster


Help increase the average deal size and convert more sales leads into customers.


40% of B2B marketers don’t feel their sales teams have the right account intelligence to engage successfully with prospects and sales leads. With access to quality leads and deep company intelligence, sales teams will be empowered to spend less time searching and more time selling.




  Dun & Bradstreet has enabled us to rapidly grow our database by helping us automate the upload process…

to ensure we are always talking to the right people.

George Coughlin , Contract Review Manager,Director of Marketing , Adaptive Insights
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