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Expert Insights for Business Leaders

Browse the latest thought leadership, best practices, and in-depth insights from Dun & Bradstreet. Stay informed about the hottest trends in business credit, master data, sales and marketing, procurement, compliance, and more. From exploring the latest way to assess credit risk to utilizing master data, our experts introduce you to cutting-edge ideas that are impacting companies across diverse industries.
D&B Perspectives adheres to the same high standards of accuracy that have made Dun & Bradstreet a trusted name in business for over a century. You’ll find our articles, infographics, and videos organized into categories: Finance, Credit & Risk, Sales & Marketing, Master Data, Analytics, Supply Chain, Corporate Compliance, Government, Entrepreneurial Strategies, and Industry Insights. Each section features tips, recommendations, and observations by experts in their field. It takes that level of insight and attention to create a truly useful resource for today’s most diligent business professionals.
3 Modern Tactics for Scoring Last-Minute B2B Sales
Michael Goldberg; November 5, 2018
Learn the secrets to closing last-minute sales with the right mix of B2B data and insights.
Can You Confidently Identify Your B2B Audience?
Anudit Vikram; October 29, 2018
Dun & Bradstreet’s Anudit Vikram talks about identity management, how the D-U-N-S fits in and how to get started.
The Crossroads of Past, Present, and Future Risk Management in Finance
Eric Dowdell; October 29, 2018
Learn how finance leaders can navigate the past, present, and future of risk management with data and analytics.
Business Credit for the Trucking Industry: Part Three
Amber Colley; November 19, 2018
Trucking Freight Brokers are challenged with obtaining surety bonds, managing cash flow, handling liabilities, and more, but business credit can help.
Business Credit for the Trucking Industry: Part Two
Amber Colley; November 6, 2018
Trucking Carriers and Forwarders are challenged with thin margins, establishing credibility, unexpected costs, and more, but business credit can help.
Best Practices in Online Business Credit Application Forms
Tracey Panek; November 5, 2018
An online credit application is a great way to update your evaluations and eliminate paper-based processes. Here’s what you need to know.
How to Master B2B Customer Data
Michael Goldberg; October 11, 2018
Learn what Master Data is and how it can improve your sales & marketing strategy.
The Opportunity for Finance in a Universe of Risk
Eric Dowdell; October 12, 2018
Learn how finance leaders can take a bold, data-driven approach to managing risk with emerging technologies and tools
7 Steps to Supply Chain Compliance
Hemanth Setty; October 25, 2018
Learn 7 steps supply management leaders can take to achieve compliance
How SMBs Can Leverage Account-Based Marketing With the D-U-N-S Number
Amber Colley; October 5, 2018
Enhance your marketing with the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number, which enables you to better target and understand your prospects.
Study The Global Risk Matrix Q3 2018
Warwick Knowles; September 24, 2018
Learn more about the top risks to the global economy in Q3 2018 that may impact your business.
Scaling the Finance Department with Improved Credit Processes
Rich Veldran; September 19, 2018
Faced with the challenges of trying to do more with less and scale in real time, learn how Dun & Bradstreet modernized its credit operation.
Master Data Is Mission Critical for Supply and Compliance
Thomas Cosgrove;August 15, 2018
Dun & Bradstreet's Head of Master Data Solutions, Vimal Vel, describes how supply and compliance teams can improve performance by implementing Master Data
Harnessing the Value of Data
Ed Thorne;August 14, 2018
With more data available than ever before, how do businesses identify what they need to know?
Study Global Study: The Risk (R)evolution
Abigail Lutte;August 13, 2018
Discover how modern finance leaders are currently managing risk with data in this 2018 global study conducted by Dun & Bradstreet.
Optimize B2B Lead Generation in 4 Steps
Michael Goldberg;May 10, 2018
Looking to drive better leads? We've broken down a few best practices for optimizing your approach to B2B lead generation.
Are Data Silos Killing Your Business?
Michael Goldberg;May 7, 2018
Silos have made it hard to manage, analyze, and activate enterprise-wide data. But these steps, inspired by data-inspired companies, should help get you on the right track.
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